All is quiet on the Rappahannock

Camp 62d Regiment Penna. Vols.
Near Falmouth Va.
April 12, 1863
Miss Maggie
Dear Sister,
Having a little time to day I thought I would write you a few lines – I received a letter from Lizzie Beck yesterday.  She desires to go to Dayton also & spoke of rooming with you.  I prefer you having another or else to board at Mrs. Goodhearts, but you can decide this matter yourself.  My object is to have you go & carry yourself strait.  No difference who you room with or where you board.  I want you to be ready at the opening of the school and to have all the necessary books to.  Then I want you to write to me at once & tell me what studies you have taken up.  I want you also to write to me on the reception of this letter and say whether John has brought my trunk up from Kittanning for you.  I hope Marry will not detain you – try and be ready.  I will direct this letter to Putneyville thinking you are there.  All is quiet on the Rappahannock.  No signs of a fight just now.  But ere the month rolls wind the curtain will be raised and I suppose the bloody scenes of 62 will be reenacted on a grander style than ever. 
I have not heard from George lately – have you?
I am respectfully
Wm C. Beck

Capt. Co. “D” 62d R. P.V.

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