I am in hope that this great strife will end soon.

Camp 143rd P.V. Regiment

Near Culpepper Va March 14 1864
Dear Grandfather
Its with shame that I sit down and write a few lines to you hoping that they will find you in good health as they leave me at present. It’s the first one that I ever have written to you. Which I feel very much ashamed of for to say. But I hope that it will not be the last one. If it is the first one Dear Grandfather I very often think about you & hope to see your face here on earth again. Should I never meet you here on earth may I be so unspeakable as to meet you in Heaven where we will sing praises to him that hath loves us & died for us. I am well and in good health at present And hope that I shall continue so during my stay here. I have had very good health all the time since I have been out here We have plenty to eat & to drink that is of coffee or water just as we are a mind to. There is very good water here now with us We have plenty of Bread which is good also plenty of pork beef potatoes beans rice dried apples sugar & coffee & crackers what we call hard tack vinegar and many other things to numerous to mention at present. John is well & healthy at present I am very sorry that I have Not written to you Grandfather before this time For which I hope to be excused of. We have very nice weather down here at present But we have had some pretty cold days this winter here I am in hope that this great strife will end soon. Not that I am tired of it by any means. I am ready to fight to the last & willing to do so For I hope it will close soon for its necessary that I should be to home enjoying the sweet comforts of this life. But should I never have the pleasure of seeing home & friends & dear wife That I shall be so prepared as to meet you all in heaven. I must bring my letter to a close by sending you dear Grandfather my love & best Wishes many times And my love & respects to Uncle Thomas And Aunt Leah & the girls And to all enquiring friends around
This is from your most Affectionate Grandchild
Wm Morgan

To Grandfather Bowen
Direct your letters to Wm Morgan
143rd Regiment P.V. Co E
First Brigade Third Division First Army Corps
Army of the Potomac
Washington D.C.

Private Morgan was serving in the 143rd Pennsylvania with his brother John E. Morgan, hailing from Luzerne County, PA. William and his brother had just passed through a number of serious life trials. At Gettysburg, William was wounded and we can see in this letter, as the date shows, that as the good weather of the coming Spring was getting closer, the fears of what might be ahead on the battlefield started to creep in. William is certainly making his preparations for the worst in this letter and who could blame him? He is also very clearly veteran to the soldier's experience as well, exhibiting stout resolution to his grandfather in the sacrifice that might be necessary. The 143rd Pennsylvania served through Grant's Overland Campaign and at Petersburg, suffering heavy losses. Unfortunately I have yet to find any records detailing whether or not William or brother John made it through the end unscathed, but it is known that both men were mustered out of Federal service on June 12, 1865.

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