I expect that I go to the regiment or stay here and be a nurse.

General Hospital
Near Alexandria…Va
January the 9th 1863
Dear Ma and Pa
I thought I would write to you again to let you know how I am a getting a long and where I am.  I am at the same place I was when I wrote to you before.  I feel as well as ever I did.  I am stout and feel hearty again.  I expect that I go to the regiment or stay here and be a nurse.  I cannot tell sertain wich I will do yet I want to go to the Regt.
I want to stay here until I get some letters from you and the folks in town.  I have not got any letters since I have been in Virginia.  I left Camp Recruits before I got your letters that you wrote while I was there.  I suppose they are there yet or been sent to the Regt.  I am getting very antious to hear from you all.  I hope you and Pa is well and getting a long fine.  This is the 3th letter I have wrote to you since I have been here.  I suppose you have got some of them.  This time I was mustered for pay last week.  There is an order to pay all by the 20th of this month.  The 7th Regt. was payed last month.  So William Holden told me he said he was a going home if he got to go.  I suppose you have got to see him.  He said he would come and see you.  
There is not many sick here now.  It is a very easy place for a nurse.  We can get all we can eat.  It is almost like home if we could see our friends.  I have not heard from Morty yet.  I don’t suppose he knows where I am and I do not know where to direct letters to him.  I hardly know what to writ that will interest you.
There is no fighting going in this part of the country at present, but I see in the papers that they are doing some perty hard fighting in Kentucky.  I hope our men will be suckcessful in whiping the Rebels there.  When you write please give me all of the particulars of every thing.  Tell George Ake that I will writ to him next.  Tell him to excuse me for not writeing to him.  A soldier has a very bad chance to write but I am sorry to say I have not wrote to my friends as much as I would like to but I will try and write oftener to them than I have done.  Tell Bruce and Wash I send my best respects to them all.  
So I must bring this to a close.  I send my love to you both and aunt Mary and uncle Sam.  The next letter I will tell you wheather I will stay here or not.  So I still remain your son.  I am well.
Write soon
Theodore Longwood
Write all particulars good bye
I still remember my Bible
God bless you all

Theodore ('Dory') Longwood enlisted in Company C, 7th Indiana Infantry in September of 1862 with his older brother Morty.  They hailed from Aberdeen, Indiana.  Dory got sick early in his enlistment and, as we see in this letter, was in the recovery stage when he wrote this letter and itching to get both letters and back with his regiment.  Eventually he would rejoin the regiment, serving with them through all their major battles including Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, The Wilderness, The Overland Campaign and the initial assaults at Petersburg.  On August 19, 1864 his luck ran out and he was captured at the Weldon Railroad outside Petersburg.  He eventually served out the war in a Confederate prison before making his way back to Indiana.  His health never fully recovered though and he died at the age of 34 in 1877, his brother surviving him until 1913.  

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