On this page you can explore the experiences of the people who made history during the American Civil War... in their own words.  The letters are listed chronologically.  Scroll down and select the letter you would like to view by clicking on the quote underneath.  If you would like to use images or content from this page in a publication, please contact the author and permission will likely be granted.  Thank you and enjoy...

January 1, 1862 
Private John Campbell, 15th Massachusetts Infantry
I hope that this will end better than the last.

January 28, 1862 
Captain William Humprey, 2nd Michigan Infantry
Madam, it becomes my duty forward to you the painful intelligence of the death of your son...

March 7, 1862
Corporal John Vinton Martin, 76th Pennsylvania Infantry
The sand was carried about by the wind as snow sometimes is in the North.

June 3, 1862
Private Cornelius D. Waldron, 9th PA Cavalry
We are now fixed up again in military style...

September 20, 1862
Private Henry M. Meader, 11th Massachusetts Infantry
I think that I am one of the most luckey boys in the world when I look back over what I have been through without getting hurt.

October 4, 1862
2nd Lieutenant Levi Lupton, 116th Ohio Infantry
November 11, 1862
2nd Lieutenant Francis Stevenson, 148th Pennsylvania Infantry

November 14, 1862
2nd Lieutenant Levi Lupton, 116th Ohio Infantry

January 3, 1863
Colonel Clark S. Edwards, 5th Maine Infantry

January 9, 1863
Private Theodore 'Dory' Longwood, 7th Indiana Infantry

February 1, 1863
Private Edgar A. Warner, 126th New York Infantry
I have got over the mumps now and will be able to go on duty tomorrow.

April 12, 1863
Captain William C. Beck, 62nd Pennsylvania Infantry

April 25, 1863
2nd Lieutenant Levi Lupton, 116th Ohio Infantry
March 14, 1864
Private William Morgan, 143rd Pennsylvania Infantry

April 8, 1864
2nd Lieutenant Thomas J. Gregg, ADC Brigadier General David M. Gregg

April 24, 1864
1st Lieutenant Charles F. Smith, 53rd Pennsylvania Infantry

April 24, 1864
Sergeant Lewis W. Wilson, 106th New York Infantry
The weather here is fine warm & dry and if so long we will move with out fail.

May 13, 1864
Private John Marsh, 63rd - 105th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry

May 30, 1864
Private William H. Lunn, 50th New York Engineers
I think that by the fourth of July the fall of Richimond must be as sure thing...

June 14, 1864 
Captain Drury Burchett, 14th Kentucky Infantry

July 10, 1864 
Captain Jacob F. Slagle, 149th Pennsylvania Infantry
The Brigade to which my Regt is attached was directed to advance double quick...

August 6, 1864
Private William H. Lunn, 50th New York Engineers
Our men blod up a fort...

September 21, 1864
Captain George A. Beck, 2nd and 37th Wisconsin Infantry
The city is an old dilapidated town...

December 18, 1864
Quarter Master Sergeant Alfred W. Metcalf, Battery "G," 1st PA Light Artillery
You shall see the soldier who solicits the favor

April 2, 1865 
Private Oscar L. Severson, 137th New York Infantry
War news is cheering and good.

June 18, 1865 
1st. Lieutenant Henry Clay Campbell, 105th & 206th Pennsylvania Infantry
The great object is accomplished and I am now content to rest.

July 15, 1865 
2nd Lieutenant Albert Bartlett Ashley, 21st US Colored Troops
I think another piece of bone is working its way out.

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