Thursday, April 11, 2013

11th Massachusetts Monument Repaired!

In 2006, vandals badly damaged three monuments on the south end of the battlefield.  Captain Smith was pulled off his pedestal above Devil's Den.  The Zouave on the 114th PA Monument was completely disfigured and lastly, the arm and saber atop the 11th MA Monument was ripped from the top of the monument.  This was a tragic event and we can only hope that the perpetrators get their due someday.

The first two monuments were recently repaired leaving the 11th MA as the only remaining fix-up.  A new cast of the arm was obtained at a significant cost to the park and luckily there were back-up cast bronze sabers to replace the one damaged during the incident.  On Thursday April 11, 2013 at about 8:30AM the monument was finally restored to its former glory.  As of this posting the only work left to do is tear down the scaffolding around the monument!  Here are some pictures from the repair.

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