Monday, October 22, 2012

Anna Holstein on Lt. Isaac Dunsten (105th PA)

Mrs. Anna Holstein, a nurse at Camp Letterman on Lt. Isaac Dunsten 105th PA

"In the officers' row lay, for some weeks, a young lieutenant, from Schuylkill County, Penna., with both thighs shattered, suffering fearfully. A few hours before his death, at his request the Holy Communion was administered to him; after joining in the solemn services, he remained perfectly still - unconsciously "passing away," as those present thought, - until a glee club, from Gettysburg, going through the hospital, singing as they walked, paused at his tent and sung - without knowing anything of what was passing within - "Rally round the Flag." The words and the music seemed to call back the spirit to earth, and forgetting his crushed limbs and intense suffering, sprang up, exclaiming: "Yes, boys, we did 'rally round the flag;' and you will rally oft again!" then sank back exhausted, and soon was at rest."

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