Monday, October 22, 2012

Captain Campbell Tredwell Iredell (47th NC)

Captain Louis T. Young (Aide de Camp to Brigadier General Pettigrew) on the death of his best friend Captain Campbell Tredwell Iredell - 47th North Carolina Infantry

“While lying in our position looking at the preparations being made for the grand assault, intelligence was brought me of the death of one of my dearest, friends, Captain Campbell T. Iredell, Co. C, 47th N.C. He had lost his right arm by a shell in the first days fight, but his death was totally unexpected, and I cannot express the grief it gave me. - Dear Cam. Two long heart-corroding years have passed since then, yet it is an event of to-day. - The memory of the past comes over my soul. Our marches, our bivouacs, our wants, our abundance, our sorrow, our rejoicings, each and all, they were common to us both.
When on that fatal field, thou wast stricken unto death, it was I, whose heart beat proud at thy heroic bearing, it was I, whose hands, in thy support, were bathed in thy flowing blood, - shed a holy sacrifice for liberty. And to-day, upon that blood-washed field, the green grass waves between thy clay and heaven. Sleep Well! - though in a stranger's land – undisturbed by the mighty noise of thousands, who come to commemorate - my defeat, - thy victory. Sleep well! For in this our sorrow-stricken land, there are faithful ones, who daily bend the knee here, while their hearts are resting there, in the grave with thee. And I , not among the least, will cherish the memory of thy manly virtues, until this weak flesh shall sleep its long, last sleep, where our souls shall commune together again in the spirit land.”

Captain Iredell was 27 at the time of his death and as far as is known, his remains were never recovered and no record exists, except for the fact that he was buried on the Polly Farm. He may still to this day rest where the “green grass waves between thy clay and heaven.”

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